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Suttons Seeds

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Coleus (Flame Nettle) Rainbow Mix (Rainbow Choice Mixed) Seeds

Beautiful colours with a wide variety of leaf markings. Pinch out to produce a branching habit. Ea

Price: 1.45 GBP
Coleus (Flame Nettle) Wizard Mixed Seeds

An excellent mixture of dwarf, naturally branching plants, with foliage in many beautiful colours an

Price: 2.25 GBP
Collection Flower Seeds for Kids

Individual inner packets of Carefree Calendula, Classy Clarkia, Nutty Nasturtium, Crazy Cornflower a

Price: 4.25 GBP
Collection Healthy Vegetable Seeds for Kids

Collection includes: Baby Carrot Ideal - Lots of Vitamin A for healthy skin, bones and teeth; Baby C

Price: 4.00 GBP
Collection Rainbow Seeds for Kids

Get those kids creating their own Rainbow of colour with Seed Squad characters - varieties: Linum Sc

Price: 4.25 GBP
Common Fennel Seeds

Perennial usually grown as an annual. Fine feathery leaves and the stems have an aniseed flavour to

Price: 1.35 GBP
Convallaria (Lily of the Valley) Majalis

If only we could give you a taste of the scent of 'Lily of the Valley' - the sweet, intoxicating fra

Price: 6.45 GBP
Convolvulus major Trumpet Mix (Tall Mixed) Seeds

Quickly covers fences, trellises, sheds, etc. with pretty trumpet flowers. At the end of the season

Price: 1.25 GBP
Convolvulus minor Blue Ensign Seeds

Take refuge from the summer heat in the soothingly cool blue, white centred, flowers of Blue Ensign.

Price: 1.45 GBP
Convolvulus minor Panorama Mix (Dwarf Mixed) Seeds

Large flowers throughout the summer. At the end of the season plants die, and no roots remain to gr

Price: 1.45 GBP
Coreopsis (Tickseed) Zamphir

A showy addition to the perennial border, producing bushy plants with large, rounded, dark-green, ev

Price: 5.95 GBP
Coreopsis Early Sunrise Seeds

Specially bred to produce a glowing display of semi-double golden yellow blooms in as little as thre

Price: 2.25 GBP
Coreopsis Illico Seeds

Enticing plants for border or patio - A very even and more compact habit than most other varieties m

Price: 2.15 GBP
Coreopsis Sunray Seeds

Beautiful golden-yellow flowers.

Price: 1.85 GBP
Coriander Seeds

A feathery annual, with clusters of spicy seeds and used in curries and casseroles, and may be groun

Price: 1.35 GBP
Corn Salad (Lamb's Lettuce) Large Leaved Seeds

Can be gathered when three or four leaves have formed, or given protection from frost with straw or

Price: 1.35 GBP
Cornflower Blue Boy Seeds

Deep blue double blooms, ideal for drying.

Price: 1.35 GBP
Cornflower Double Mixed Seeds for Kids

'Crazy Cornflower' would be very happy to be displayed in a vase of water.

Price: 1.00 GBP
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Cornflower Frosty Mixed Seeds

A cool look for warm days. Long wiry stems of flowers whose every petal is edged with white. Include

Price: 1.35 GBP
Cornflower Polka Dot Mixed Seeds

Bushy plants flowering in an attractive range of colours. Ideal for beds and borders or in containe

Price: 1.15 GBP
Cornflower Tall Tutu Mix (Double Mixed) Seeds

Shades of blue, maroon, red, rose and white.

Price: 1.25 GBP
Cosmea (Cosmos) Double Click Seeds

The first true double - With a beautiful Sea Shells flower form, Double Click is the first Cosmos to

Price: 1.85 GBP
Cosmea (Cosmos) Sea Shells Mix Seeds

Exquisite fluted petals in shades of crimson, rose and pink, together with white make, this an admir

Price: 1.85 GBP
Cosmea (Cosmos) Sensation, Tall Mix Seeds

Excellent for the mixed border. An economical choice to fill large borders. Big flowers in bright co

Price: 1.45 GBP
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Cosmea (Cosmos) Sonata Dwarf Mix Seeds

This resplendent annual produces a mass of delightful flowers in shades of pink and rose, fading to

Price: 1.65 GBP
Cosmidium Royal Flush Seeds

An exquisite variety with fine narrow foliage and masses of stunning, dark magenta blooms with gold

Price: 2.25 GBP
Cosmos Chocolate

Unusual and attractive, the glowing chocolate-maroon blooms have a unique and delicious chocolate fr

Price: 7.65 GBP
Cosmos Gazebo Mixed Seeds

A dwarf variety smothered in large blooms.

Price: 1.85 GBP
Cosmos Sonata Mixed plants

The easy way to fill large beds and borders with colour. Cosmos Sonata will produce a dramatic disp

Price: 6.45 GBP
Cottage Garden Seed Collection

Collection comprises 5 separate varieties in individual packets: Aquilegia Long Spurred Hybrids - st

Price: 4.25 GBP
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Courgette Defender Seeds

A British bred variety with resistance to Cucumber Mosaic Virus which so often decimates Marrow plan

Price: 2.35 GBP
Courgette El Greco Seeds

A very productive, early cropping, deliciously flavoured variety, producing good yields of glossy, m

Price: 3.50 GBP
Courgette Green Bush Seeds

Very early-maturing plants producing abundant small, dark green, tender fruits. Pick often to ensur

Price: 1.35 GBP
Courgette One Ball Seeds

A unique variety, producing round-shaped, yellow-coloured fruits. Tennis ball-sized, with scrumptiou

Price: 3.00 GBP
Courgette Orelia Seeds

A true yellow courgette, producing delicious and attractive 12-18cm (5-7in) fruits. Vigorous-growing

Price: 2.00 GBP
Courgette F1 El Greco plants

Give this exquisitely flavoured, early cropping variety a try. It will produce good yields of glossy

Price: 6.95 GBP
Designer Discounted Bras Courgette F1 One Ball plants

A superb variety, producing round-shaped, yellow-coloured fruits. Tennis ball-sized, with scrumptiou

Price: 6.95 GBP
Cress American (Land) Seeds

Has a tangy taste like watercress - delicious in sandwiches and salads, and decorative as a garnish.

Price: 1.35 GBP
Cress Curled Seeds

Can be grown indoors all the year round.

Price: 1.25 GBP
Cress Curled Seeds for Kids

'Curly Cress' has a tongue tingling taste, which will liven up your sandwiches and salads.

Price: 1.00 GBP
Cress Curled Speedy Seeds

Nutritious and tasty served with mustard salad.

Price: 1.15 GBP
Cress Wrinkled Crinkled Seeds

An easy, outdoor variety that will spice up your salads. Leaves are long, slender and have a crinkl

Price: 1.15 GBP
Stunning D+ Lingerie Crocosmia George Davison

Beautiful vibrant yellow blooms. An eye-catching border perennial, producing lush green, sword-like

Price: 8.20 GBP
Crocosmia Lucifer

Masses of intense red flowers, neatly arranged on strong stems that stand proud of the foliage. An e

Price: 8.20 GBP
Crocosmia Twin Pack

Collection consists of 40 corms (20 of each variety): Lucifer - Masses of intense red flowers, neatl

Price: 13.95 GBP
Crocus Advance

A charming botanical variety, lemon-yellow on the inside and shaded purple on the outside, which wil

Price: 4.45 GBP

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