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Suttons Seeds

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Cabbage F1 Kilaxy Seeds

A top quality late summer/autumn cabbage of the round headed Dutch White type, with solid compact he

Price: 3.50 GBP
Cabbage F1 Poet plants

A first-rate summer/autumn, smooth and compact, pointed variety producing dark green heads that are

Price: 3.95 GBP
Cabbage F1 Protovoy plants

Tennis ball sized, mid-green, pointed heads. Stands well for several weeks. Harvest from the end of

Price: 3.95 GBP
Cabbage Golden Acre Primo (11) Seeds

Medium-sized, firm round heads maturing in summer and early autumn. Sow February under glass or Mar

Price: 1.15 GBP
Cabbage Greyhound Seeds

A favourite early variety, with pointed heads of excellent flavour. Sow under glass early February,

Price: 1.15 GBP
Cabbage Kalibos Seeds

The unique pointed, carmine-red, tightly packed heads of this Eastern European heirloom variety make

Price: 1.35 GBP
Cabbage Offenham 2 - Flower Of Spring Seeds

Large, solid, pointed heads maturing April-May. Can also be used for greens.

Price: 1.15 GBP
Cabbage Ornamental Mix Seeds

Fluted leaves with decorative markings in shades of cream, green, pink and rose. Unusual border plan

Price: 2.25 GBP
Cabbage Red Drumhead Seeds

Solid, dark red, round heads of fine texture, excellent for pickling and for speciality cooked dishe

Price: 1.35 GBP
Cabbage Wheelers Imperial Seeds

Dark green compact heads for use in April and early May, and in autumn.

Price: 1.25 GBP
Cactus 'Prickly Characters' (Mixed) Seeds

A mixture of curious and interesting plants.

Price: 2.35 GBP
Calabrese Sakura Speedy Seeds

Good domed, vitamin-rich heads with tight beads and solid, dark green stems. (Often called 'Baby Veg

Price: 2.00 GBP
Calceolaria F2 Bubblegum Mix Seeds

A high quality, great value variety, with large, exotic-looking, balloon-like flowers, in a bright m

Price: 3.00 GBP
Calendula Daisy May Seeds

Attractive 'daisy-like' orange flowers on low growing plants and so easy to grow.

Price: 1.45 GBP
Calendula Fiesta Gitana Seeds

Compact plants producing double flowers in a richly coloured mixture. Easy to grow - ideal for begi

Price: 1.85 GBP
Calendula Flame Dancer Seeds

A unique variety with petals that are bicoloured between pale apricot and red, with a red backing. I

Price: 2.15 GBP
Calendula Lemon Zest Seeds

Dwarf, well branched, quick-growing plants that are ideal for pots and tubs as well as summer beddin

Price: 1.65 GBP
Calendula Orange King Seeds

Enormous double, bright orange flowers. Easy to grow - ideal for beginners. The brightly coloured fl

Price: 1.25 GBP
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Calendula Orange King Seeds for Kids

Carefree Calendula is a cheerful flower, who will grow big, bright orange flowers.

Price: 1.00 GBP
Calendula Princess Mixed Seeds

A first-class choice for border decoration, but also an excellent cut flower. Its double flowers hav

Price: 1.25 GBP
California Late Garlic Bulbs

One of the most popular 'softneck' varieties in the US and grows very well in the UK, producing a me

Price: 3.95 GBP
Calla Aethiopica (White Arum Lily)

A much larger, hardier Calla, producing beautiful, glistening white flowers that will enchant you in

Price: 8.45 GBP
Calla Anneke

Vibrant, true purple flowers. Certain to be a real talking point! A real treasure, bearing alluring,

Price: 8.15 GBP
Calla Black

Captivating deep maroon blooms. A real treasure, bearing alluring, trumpet-like blooms above arrow-s

Price: 8.15 GBP
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Calla Red Embers

Breathtaking blooms, bright-yellow at the base and hot-red above. A real treasure, bearing alluring,

Price: 8.15 GBP
Calla Twinpack - Anneke & Red Embers

A real treasure, bearing alluring, trumpet-like blooms above arrow-shaped leaves. Ideal for cutting.

Price: 14.95 GBP
Campanula (Bellflower) Cherry Bells

One of the mainstays of the summer garden, ideal for a mixed border or even in a large container on

Price: 7.95 GBP
Campanula (Bellflower) Sarastro

An outstanding variety of this summer favourite, with flowers that are almost black in bud and open

Price: 7.95 GBP
Campanula Pyr. Blue Diadem Seeds

Tall elegant perennial. Ideal for the back of the border or for cut flowers.

Price: 1.85 GBP
Campanula Tiny Bells Seeds

A beautiful variety producing bushy plants with finely cut foliage, smothered in masses of delicate,

Price: 1.15 GBP
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Canary Creeper Seeds

A quick covering for tall fences, trellis work and sunny walls. growing up to 3-3.6m (10-12ft). Brig

Price: 1.45 GBP
Candelabra Dragon Tree

For a new twist in houseplants, what better than our 'trained' plants. Certain to be a source of muc

Price: 16.95 GBP
Candytuft Fairy Mix Seeds

Regular in height. Attractive pastel range of colours Easy to grow, colourful border plants.

Price: 1.25 GBP
Candytuft Fantasia Mix Seeds

Reselected mixture of this lovely 'cottage garden' annual. Bushy, uniform growing habit and colours

Price: 1.65 GBP
Canna Pink President

Pretty pink flowers. Exotic-looking natives of South America, Cannas make striking specimen plants i

Price: 5.55 GBP
Canna President

Sumptuous deep red blooms. Exotic-looking natives of South America, Cannas make striking specimen pl

Price: 5.55 GBP
Designer Discounted Bras Canna Rosemont Cole

Large red flowers with yellow backs and edges. Exotic-looking natives of South America, Cannas make

Price: 5.55 GBP
Canna Saver Collection

Exotic-looking natives of South America, Cannas make striking specimen plants in borders or patio co

Price: 12.95 GBP
Canterbury Bell Cup and Saucer Mix Seeds

Lovely mixture of soft colours. An attractive 'cottage garden' favourite.

Price: 1.25 GBP
Cape Gooseberry (Physalis edulis) Seeds

Pick when calyces have changed from green to golden brown. If left husks they can be stored for mont

Price: 1.45 GBP
Cape Gooseberry Little Lantern Seeds

Perfect if you don't have room for a 6' giant. Little Lantern produces compact, 50cm (20in) high pla

Price: 2.25 GBP
Cape Primrose Concord Mix Seeds

Neat, compact plants, very decorative in house, cool greenhouse and conservatory. An excellent mix

Price: 4.00 GBP
Stunning D+ Lingerie Capsicum Gypsy Seeds

Early, and produces a good crop of slightly tapered fruits, yellowish green ripening to deep red. G

Price: 2.35 GBP
Capsicum Jumbo Seeds

Superbly flavoured fruits up to an impressive 20 x 10cm, starting green and turning to an attractive

Price: 2.00 GBP
Capsicum Mohawk Seeds

Easy to grow, and the perfect choice for pots or grow bags on the patio, this superb variety produce

Price: 3.50 GBP
Capsicum Worldbeater Seeds

Fruits in abundance. Best grown under glass, but can be transplanted outdoors in June in warm, shelt

Price: 1.45 GBP

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